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The Angeline Academy of Innovation, a Pasco County STEM magnet school, has just announced the addition of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program!

This Pasco County master-planned community, which is large enough to have two exits off the Suncoast Parkway, will offer a new kind of living experience in Tampa Bay through health and wellness initiatives and sustainable living practices.

But all innovation begins with education, which is why Pasco County School’s new Angeline Academy of Innovation is a key component to this emerging new city.  Though the academy is open to students throughout Pasco County, 50 percent of the seats will be reserved for families living in Angeline.

The academy, which is hosting its next student application window from April 12-19, will create academic pathways for students in three different fields when it opens in August 2023. Students from 6th through 10th grade can choose from engineering and applied robotics, cybersecurity and information technology, or biodesign. Each area will offer real-world learning opportunities with the idea that the students might choose a career in that respective field.

In celebration of its upcoming opening this year, the academy is welcoming its first group of students to participate in making decisions about the school’s culture, programs, and activities.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the features that will make the Angeline Academy of Innovation a remarkable place to learn for Pasco County students.

·         A cybersecurity lab will include two classrooms connected by a server room. The server room will host a secure private network where students can safely test their cybersecurity skills.

·         An engineering and robotics lab will have all the tools and equipment needed for students to learn concepts and build them with 3D printers and other machinery.

·         Science labs will create a real-world environment where students can safely engage in learning. The lab will be equipped with an exhaust hood, allowing students to safely mix chemicals and do science experiments.

·         A media center will feature a digital projection amphitheater for student learning and entertainment.

“Students receive training using the same materials, equipment, and opportunities as professionals in the career field,” says JoAnne Glenn, Angeline Academy of

Innovation principal. “Students can then earn credentials that would allow them to be hired into a job having demonstrated a recognized level of competence in a field.”

To help plan authentic, problem-based learning experiences, the academy is looking to involve the community by seeking mentors, guest speakers, donors, and expert advisors. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, volunteer, or business partner, you can contact them here.

Want to learn more? Check out the Angeline Academy of Innovation’s latest update!

According to the school’s principal, JoAnne Glenn, AI jobs are plenty, and the schools decision to add the AI courses help provide both an additional option for students and to address the talent gap.

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