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Pasco County’s Angeline Academy of Innovation Middle & High School will open in August deep in the heart of the new Angeline community.  It will be a STEM school, focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

This Future 6-12 School will be the ultimate experience for young innovators, explorers, and entrepreneurs who will take success to the next level with a new approach, the “theory of action” explained by Principal JoAnne Glenn.

Laker Lutz News recently shared the Academy’s unique offerings for future students.

The middle school will have two primary magnet pathways, Computer Science and Digital Tools, that will help students build technology skills and prepare them for high school.

The high school will have a wide array of new opportunities for students such as a Biodesign Academy, a Computer Science and Applied Cybersecurity Academy, an Engineering and Applied Robotics Academy, and an Entrepreneurship Academy.

These academies will ensure each student’s future success in their college years and life.

The school will open for grades 6-10 initially and plans to serve grades 11 and 12 in the coming years. The applications window will open on January 9, and will close on January 20.  For more information and applications, please visit