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Limited Non-Resident Access To

Is Now Available At Epperson!

Epperson Lagoon Block


Wesley Chapel, FL

Home to the Nation’s First Crystal Lagoons® Amenity

Lagoon homes selling now!


Mirada Lagoon Block and Logo


Wesley Chapel, FL

Largest Crystal Lagoons® Amenity in Florida

Lagoon Homes Now Selling from the Mid-$200s

Southshore Bay Lagoon Block and Logo


Wimauma, FL

Hillsborough County’s Only Crystal Lagoons® Amenity

Lagoon homes selling now!

Brightwater Lagoon Block and Logo


North Ft. Myers, FL

Clearly a Better Place to Live

Lagoon homes now selling now!


MetroPlaces is Proud to Offer the World’s Top Amenity

At long last, the world’s most exciting and transformative amenity is now in the United States and proudly brought to you first by Metro Development Group.


The introduction of MetroLagoons will forever change the way you view coastal living in the beautiful sunny state of Florida. We have brought the best of the coastline to some of the most rapidly growing and sought after inland areas, showcasing crystal clear blue waters that span in size from 5 acres to over 15 acres! With each surrounded by shores of resort-style fun, swim-up bars, palm trees and sandy beaches, we have created the perfect place to call home.


Whether you take part in all of the recreational activities that a MetroLagoons amenity will provide or simply lounge while enjoying the incredible view, these communities will boast an elevated lifestyle found only in select spots throughout the world.


Closer than you think and more affordable than you would imagine, a MetroLagoons community isn’t just a paradise destination, it’s home.

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We’ve got answers

Yes! The Lagoon at Epperson in Wesley Chapel & The Lagoon at Southshore Bay are NOW OPEN! The Lagoon at Epperson is the FIRST completed Crystal Lagoons amenity in the nation! While there are many exclusive benefits to being a resident of Epperson, the Lagoon is currently open for Limited Public Access. Click here to learn more about Public Access. The Lagoon at Southshore Bay currently is open only to residents of Southshore Bay.

While there are many exclusive benefits to being a resident of a Metro Places Community, Metro Lagoons®️️ are planned with limited Non-Resident Access in mind. The Lagoon at Epperson is currently open for Limited Non-Resident Access! Schedule a complimentary Discovery Tour at or click here to purchase tickets. The Lagoon at Southshore Bay currently is open only to residents of Southshore Bay.

The Lagoon is open at 10AM to sunset, 7 days a week with the exception of being closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The best days to visit the Lagoon if you are looking for better parking, smaller crowds and shorter lines/wait times for food, drinks, slide and recreational rentals is definitely Monday through Friday. Every weekend we are usually at or near capacity so be sure to buy tickets in advance to avoid a sellout. Please note that while the Lagoon is open year-round to residents, we reserve the right to be closed to non-residents so please check the website in advance.

MetroLagoons are primarily located in West Central Florida. EPPERSON (now open) and MIRADA (coming soon – homes selling now with lagoon completion expected in late 2021) are in Wesley Chapel. SOUTHSHORE BAY (coming soon – homes selling now with lagoon completion expected summer 2021) is Hillsborough County’s only Lagoon Community located in Wimauma.
BRIGHTWATER (coming soon – homes selling now with lagoon completion expected in late 2021) is located in North Ft. Myers. Additionally, Metro Development Group is planning 5-7 additional yet-to-be-named lagoon communities with locations to be announced soon. Be sure to register for updates!

Really big! These multi-acre Lagoons are more than 100 times the size of a normal pool and on average larger than 10 football fields. Specific community Lagoons as follows: Southshore Bay and Brightwater will each be 5 acres, Epperson is over 7 acres and Mirada will be nearly 15 acres in size. All sizes are approximations and are based on current plans.

We estimate townhouse and single-family home prices will start from the $200s to over $700s.

There are numerous Crystal Lagoons around the world in places like Chile, Panama, Paraguay, Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Dubai, etc. Metro Development Group is proud to bring the first Crystal Lagoons® amenity to the United States. Learn more at

Water sports that are man-powered without motors like kayaks, peddle boats, paddle boards, slides, etc. Each of the communities will have amenity offerings tailor-made to the scope of these Lagoons.

Great news! The Lagoons’ technology is sustainable and safe for the environment, allowing the use of limited water and energy resources. MetroLagoons® amenities use 100 times less chemical products and 50 times less energy than traditional swimming pools, consumes only 2% of the energy needed by conventional filtration systems, fully complies with the most stringent water quality standards and consume 30 times less water than a typical 18-hole golf course. Plus, MetroLagoons® amenities capture direct rainwater so that required make-up in some locations can be zero and it should be noted that the lagoons can be filled with almost any type of water including brackish water and salt water, using potable water is not a requirement. MetroLagoons® technology has received several ‘Green Fast Track’ patents from the US patent office due to the environmental sustainability characteristics of this technology.

To learn about the hours of operation, events, recreational rentals, cost, rules, etc. be sure to visit

On the Metro Places website be sure to click the tab for COMMUNITIES and browse our selection of incredible neighborhoods. The HOME FINDER lets you browse homes from our award-winning builders – you can search by community, location or price range. We encourage everyone to visit our communities where our model homes have friendly New Home Consultants or contact Lagoon Realty where they are expert in all things Metro Places and Metro Lagoons. Have more questions? Send us an email at [email protected]

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