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A new construction home from Metro Development Group.

With the housing market offering an array of options for prospective homebuyers, it’s important to consider the numerous advantages to buying new construction and all the options that come with it. From the endless styles, community features and custom finishes, there are plenty of reasons to consider new construction.

Let’s explore the benefits of new construction and address some common concerns people have when weighing the purchase price and benefits of a new construction house versus an existing home. We’ve even created a short checklist to help guide you through the decision-making process.


Let’s explore the seven benefits of buying new construction

A new construction home offers beautiful features that an existing home can't compete with from the house's layout to the custom finishes.


1. Energy efficiency for lower monthly bills

Energy efficiency is one of the most compelling advantages of buying new construction homes. With double-pane windows, eco-friendly HVAC systems, and new insulation, these homes are designed to be more energy-efficient than older homes bringing you cost savings.

These modern and advanced construction materials not only mean lower utility bills but also a smaller carbon footprint, helping you save money and feel good about your environmental impact.


2. Modern designs to fit your lifestyle

Most new construction homes offer modern features that older ones may lack. For example, as we mentioned, energy efficiency is a key factor in today’s construction process, resulting in lower maintenance costs and potential savings on property taxes. Additionally, you may have the chance to pick light fixtures, countertops and other details to fit your lifestyle, depending on how far along a new home is in the planning process.

New homes boast modern designs that cater to today’s lifestyles. Open floor plans promote a sense of spaciousness and ease of movement and is a great setting for hosting friends and family. While smart home technology and state-of-the-art appliances add convenience and efficiency to your daily routines.

From setting the thermostat remotely to checking in on your video doorbell for peace of mind, modern features of a new home make your life easier.


3. A variety of options to meet your needs

Buying a new construction home is a sure way to meet your dream home checklist.

Whether you’re looking for a decked-out smart home, a connected at-home office, or a larger garage space, new construction homes offer a variety of options to fit every buyer’s needs that many existing homes just won’t have.

What might first stand out to someone buying a new home are the beautiful finishes, the new energy-efficient appliances, and the modern tech. But there’s so much more. New construction houses typically feature larger bedroom suites with walk-in closets and spacious bathrooms as well. Talk to your builder to see what custom options you can bring to your brand new home.


4. Lower costs = more savings

Overall, less maintenance is a significant perk of new construction homes and less maintenance means saving time and spending less. Because everything from the finishes to appliances is new, you’ll spend less time and money on repairs and replacements, freeing up your budget for other things like tech upgrades and home entertainment.

The good news is that on average, mortgage rates for a new construction home loan are comparable to that of a previously owned home. Buyers looking at a new construction home should remember that due to brand-new finishes, the initial total cost of the home may be higher, but maintenance costs are less so that over time you’ll be spending less overall.


5. Warranty protection brings peace of mind

Indeed, buying a new construction home offers a host of benefits that can enhance your lifestyle, save you money, and provide a sense of security. Additional protection of your investment is an option well worth considering in your home search.

Newly built homes are backed by warranties from the builder, providing homeowners with peace of mind. If anything goes wrong from regular use within the warranty period, it’s usually covered at no cost to you. Be sure to understand what protection your builder’s warranty offers and familiarize yourself with what’s covered, because each warranty is different.


6. New neighborhood amenities for a well-rounded lifestyle

A huge benefit to neighborhoods of new construction homes are the community amenities like a brand new playground for kids.


Many new construction homes are in newer master-planned communities and often come with neighborhood amenities that older neighborhoods lack, like Lagoons, interconnected nature trails, and tot-lots designed with your family in mind.

These new community amenities offer significant benefits to homebuyers, providing not just a home, but creating a lifestyle. They extend outside of the culdesac and into the larger community around you. From parks and recreational facilities to shopping centers and schools, these features enhance convenience, promote well-being, and foster an engaging and welcoming environment. They add value to properties and improve the quality of life for residents.


7. Buyer incentives are the icing on the cake

Lastly, there may be incentives available from builders or developers when purchasing a new construction home. These financial incentives can make an already attractive option even more appealing, helping you decide how to get the most out of your investment. You realtor can help you navigate this process.


Making an informed decision: other considerations when buying new construction

Picking the right builder can ensure all your custom home needs are met and that local building codes are followed.

While buying or building a new house has its fair share of perks, some aspects of new development need consideration. This section will talk about some of the other items to consider when thinking about a newly built home. From higher initial costs, less negotiating room and choosing the right builder.

Often, a new construction home can cost more than a similarly-sized pre-existing home due to the costs of new materials, increased labor costs, and higher-end finishes. Keep in mind the lower repair and maintenance costs you’ll benefit from when considering the total financial efficiencies.

New construction tends to have less room for negotiation versus an existing property. Due to the value of new construction communities, neighborhoods and new real estate, the price listed will be close to the price you pay.

That said, homes in Metro communities have tended to hold their value very well, tied to the quality of the surrounding neighborhoods and land, and the fact that they are in desirable locations.

Finally, one of the most important things to consider is the builder. When buying a new construction home, the builder’s reputation is crucial. Research home builders and their track record and confirm their reputation for quality work. A reputable builder will stand behind their homes and address any issues promptly.

Our builders at MetroPlaces communities are among the top companies in the nation and provide a great product for homeowners. Check them all out here and find the builder that’s right for you.


New buyer’s checklist

One of the biggest perks of buying a new construction home is being the first person to occupy the house. Your new home will be in pristine condition, with no wear and tear from previous homeowners.

To make the home buying and closing process smoother, we’ve compiled a list of considerations for home buyers when purchasing a new construction home. This checklist will serve as a resource to help you make a well-informed decision.

  • Inspect the builder’s online reviews to learn about their reputation. Reviews are a great place to see what other homeowners have experienced.

  • Review community plans to ensure that the surrounding community will have the amenities you’re looking for.

  • Hire an independent inspector for your home inspection. New builds aren’t always perfect. An inspector will give you peace of mind and ensure that your new home is free of construction errors.

  • Understand your coverage. Newly constructed homes tend to have a warranty from the builder. Work with your realtor to understand what the warranty covers and how you’re protected.

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