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When MetroPlaces opened Epperson Lagoon in 2018, the country’s first crystal Lagoon became a game-changing amenity and lifestyle that’s now being replicated in many parts of the nation. With Southshore Bay Lagoon now open to residents and Mirada and Brightwater underway, several exciting creative advancements are planned to elevate the customer experience to the next level.

“I’m excited to take the lessons learned at Epperson and come into Southshore Bay and Mirada with all this knowledge,” shares Eric Wahlbeck, Managing Director of Metro Lagoons. “Each of these Lagoons presents an amazing opportunity to further innovate and raise the bar for the whole experience.”

The Ins and Outs of Lagoons

Lagoons are built using specialized technology that makes them more environmentally friendly than a traditional pool, and new Lagoons will be even more efficient. “We’re running filtration 4.0 now,” said Wahlbeck. Upcoming Lagoons are also planned to include permanent cabanas and improved swim-up bars with in-water service, which will greatly enhance the guest experience.

Lagoon Life 2.0

Wahlbeck is also excited to roll out new resident programming in each community. “Since opening Epperson Lagoon we have learned so much and now have additional resources to provide an enhanced experience for residents and guests.” Residents of all ages can look forward to seasonal events and programming tailored to fit each community.

Enhancements also continue at Epperson Lagoon. The newly-opened Reef Café offers residents a coastal-themed menu with waterfront seating. Epperson Residents love having a restaurant within their community, and the café plans to offer expanded service offerings in coming months.

For MetroPlaces, each Lagoon represents a new opportunity to test, innovate, and improve technology and programming. These three new second-generation Lagoons will provide fertile ground to further enrich the Lagoon Lifestyle.